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Mrs Texas International 2007
Tanya Pulley
Tanya Pulley of Archer City, Texas, was crowned Mrs. Texas International 2007 on May 6th at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in San Antonio, Texas.
Tanya has dedicated her reign to raising awareness, and to the prevention, of Type 2 Diabetes.  Tanya was named an "Ambassador for Diabetes" by the Texas Diabetes Counsel.  She also works closely with the American Diabetes Association for whom she is a spokesperson.
Tanya's Passion:
"I'm a small town girl who is thankful for the many blessings in my life. I have the most amazing, supportive husband, Tyler, and I've got the best friends and family who stand by me for better or for worse!
On May 6, 2007 I was crowned Mrs. Texas International 2007 and this whole experience has been one of my greatest accomplishments.
Each and every day, I witness first hand the detrimental effects of Type 2 Diabetes. Twenty years ago, it was unheard of for a child to develop Type 2 Diabetes. However, due to sedentary lifestyles, lack of physical activity, and poor eating habits, the disease once referred to as “adult onset diabetes” is now plaguing the youth of our country.
More than 150,000 of American youth already have some form of diabetes and 13,000 more are diagnosed per year. Forty five percent of all newly diagnosed cases of childhood diabetes are Type 2. For children born in this millennium, the chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes during their lifetime is one in three, thereby robbing them of 20 years of their lives. Due to these statistics, the upcoming generation of kids may be the first to die before their parents.
Obesity is being pinpointed as the culprit of this epidemic, but the simple willingness to make small lifestyle modifications can prevent or reverse the onset of insulin resistance. Eating the wrong types of foods and being physically inactive are the causes of insulin resistance, this pre-diabetic state. Parents need to understand that they play an imperative roll in the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes in their children. The family must work together to eat healthier and partake in regular physical activity.
Since being crowned Mrs. Texas, I have been actively speaking about my platform and bringing publicity and awareness to my cause. I have gone into elementary schools, making presentations to over 400 kids at a time, about the risks and prevention of Type 2 Diabetes in children. I proposed a challenge to these groups—for every minute you spend in front of a screen (television, computer, Playstation), you must spend an equal amount of time doing something active such as riding your bike, rollerblading, swimming or playing basketball.
I have always had a passion for educating people about this life threatening issue. That passion, combined with the title of Mrs. Texas International, has allowed me to have a voice with which to help stop it."